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NIH and UIC COP image

The Clinical and Experimental Drug Addiction Research (CEDAR) is directed by Dr. Ajna Hamidovic, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Our research is primarily concerned with finding biomarkers and evaluating treatments for tobacco use disorder. We use neurophysiological, cognitive, subjective and metabolic measures to evaluate the efficacy of smoking cessation treatments in human volunteers and to find specific biological processes that are modulated by the use of nicotine. Research involving drug administration in a controlled setting is vital to understanding mechanisms of both addiction and treatment.

In addition to evaluating tobacco use disorder, we study etiology of Premenstrual Syndrome. Specifically, we are evaluating how gonadal hormones and stress responses modulate risk for developing this disorder.

Our human studies follow the ethical guidelines of the University of Illinois Office for the Protection of Research Subjects.

Research in CEDAR lab is supported by the National Institute on Mental Health and University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy.